How do you write ‘sustainable’?

Sustainability – a topic that has been on umas’ agenda for many years. This is reflected not only in our generation-spanning and future-oriented company history, but also in the innovative uma product ideas.

With the uma recycled PET PEN series we have developed the first truly sustainable writing instrument series, which not only convinces in haptics and variation possibilities, but also with an innovative recycling idea.


People generally like to feel safe and secure. So from the point of view of the consumer, purchasing decisions are being increasingly driven by questions of sustainability and environmental protection. Consumers want to know about a product‘s entire value creation chain and how the customer treats its staff and suppliers. A product needs to create a feeling not just of sustainability, but of trust.

The company of uma Schreibgeräte Ullmann is firmly committed to sustainability and to treating both people and the environment with respect. For uma, sustainability is more than just a label. The rPET PEN writing instruments series has already won the Sustainability Award, was nominated for the German Sustainability Award, and most recently received the German Innovation Award in Gold in 2021. For us, these are clear evidence that an investment in research and development can achieve added value for our planet.

All uma writing instruments stand for long-lasting and successful advertising. That is why refilling the refills in all writing instruments becomes a matter of course, as well as the fact that all materials used can be recycled and used again in our RECY models.

With the FSC® and PEFC certified uma wooden writing instruments, we contribute to the positive preservation of the Black Forest for posterity in the future.

All models in the uma Naturals series are produced in a climate-neutral production process and are also finished in a 100% climate-neutral process at the Fischerbach site on one of the world’s most modern finishing lines for promotional writing instruments.

With the antimicrobial writing instruments, we combine sustainability and hygiene. In this way, we demonstrate not only innovative strength but also solution-oriented ideas for the protection of nature and people.

Entrepreneurial responsibility combined with innovative product ideas and sustainable production processes. This is the philosophy that uma embodies, one of long-term, successful and sustainable action.

Alexander Ullmann (CEO)

uma production is climate-neutral

Climate change is currently one of the greatest challenges. We want to assume responsibility and make a concrete contribution to climate protection: In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we have calculated the emissions of our „Wood Writing Instruments“ and „Recycled Pet Pen“ product series and then offset them through regional climate protection projects. Thus the first uma climate-neutral writing instruments series are available.

But we wouldn‘t be uma if we only concentrated on one product. For this reason, we have set the complete production in Fischerbach, in the heart of the Black Forest, to climate-neutral. We are therefore pleased to be able to make a positive contribution to the environment.

We assume responsibility

For a company focused on the future, it almost goes without saying that quality, service and, by extension, customer loyalty, should always be maintained at the highest level.

The holistic view-point of any successful company must encompass seamless observance of social modes of behaviour in the daily conduct of its business. The scope of our sense of responsibility extends to the assurance of environmentally compliant working conditions that are truly worthy of our payroll staff. That translates into things like respect for employee rights, the prohibition of child labour and forced labour, as well as a responsible attitude towards our natural world and its resources. We put our name on the line when it comes to achievement of these objectives.


With our umaSECRETS you can find out how uma puts sustainability and social responsibility into practice. Order your personal brochure now, or download it online at


uma demonstrably certified

The basic principles of our production conditions are clear: We see it as our corporate responsibility to ensure humane and environmentally compatible working conditions. Respect for workers’ rights and the responsible use of nature and its resources are therefore our top priorities. Therefore, all uma production sites are regularly audited by external institutions and our requirements are communicated to the suppliers during personal visits and briefings. The cooperation with these production sites is based on long-standing and family ties, which ensure an additional level of safety and quality in all matters.

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Tradition is based on constant innovation

uma was among the best in the TOP 100 innovation competition. In an independent selection process, we scored particularly well with innovative processes and innovative management. With the uma recycled PET PEN series, it was impressively demonstrated that future-oriented action is also reflected in innovative products. The use of alternative materials and the investment in new production processes make uma one of the TOP 100 most innovative companies in the German medium-sized sector.

uma RECYCLED PET PEN – awarded!

With the introduction of uma RECYCLED PET PEN, uma has not only proven its innovative strength, it has also created a new idea in terms of sustainability. The uma RECYCLED PET PEN series was awarded the PSI Sustainability Award 2017.

For the expansion of the RECYCLED PET PEN PRO series, uma was nominated for the Innovator of the Year Award and was able to win the German Innovation Award 2021 with the highest award GOLD.

With its nomination for the German Sustainability Award 2019, uma was also confirmed outside the industry. In addition, the company ranks among the TOP 100 most innovative companies in the German medium-sized sector.

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