The several small steps together make the big difference.
With the idea of producing upcycled writing instruments from recycled PET bottles, uma is already making history. With the new uma RECYCLED PET PEN ocean we are taking another step towards Climate protection and sustainability.

The two big advantages of working with Plastic Bank are: On one hand stopping ocean plastic by collecting plastic waste from vulnerable coastal areas before it reaches the ocean, and second improving the lives of collection community members by providing life-improving benefits in exchange for the plastic they collect.
In this way, the social enterprise, Plastic Bank, not only recycles plastic waste as part of the circular economy, but also provides members living in poverty the opportunity for a better life.

We also guarantee a completely climate-neutral production of the uma RECYCLED PET PEN PRO ocean and support the Plastic Bank climate project with the emission compensations.
uma RECYCLED PET PEN PRO ocean – collecting, sorting, recycling, sustainable writing and advertising!

Ocean-bound plastic, also known as Social Plastic®, collected through Plastic Bank is upcycled in Europe into a recycled PET writing instrument for long-lasting and sustainable advertisment.
Thanks to the European and climate-neutral production, the uma RECYCLED PET PEN PRO ocean makes an additional sustainable contribution to the protection of the environment.
0-2250 F OCEAN: Retractable ballpoint pen made of ocean-bound PET material with opaque matt housing and clip.

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